Status of dogs in the family

It is well known that our dogs, like their ancestors - the wolves, are gregarious animals and they can hardly survive alone. The street dogs are collecting in packs. But how do you find a pack for domestic dogs - because not everyone has 4-5 dogs at home. For the domestic dog the members of her human family will become the members of her pack.

Leo and Libra dogs horoscope

The Leo zodiac sign governs the dogs which have the birth date falling between July 22 and August 21. The term which best describes a Leo Dog is the ‘monarch dog’. It regards itself superior as compared to the other dogs and expects a special kind of treatment.

Aries and Aquarius dogs

If the date of birth of your dog falls between 21 March and 20 April, then the zodiac sign of your dog is Aries. The best quality of an Aries dog is that it has leadership qualities. You would definitely love to keep them as pets as they are quite energetic.

Dog Sign Horoscope and Gemini Dog

Dog sign horoscope seems to be pretty unusual thing for the first time listeners. Well for them every dog has different personality just like humans do. People say that human get there personality from their zodiac signs and that’s how we tell about the nature of a specific person.

Four simple steps for dog crate training

Dog crates can be used for multiple purposes with the most popular uses being within the homes. However, the crates are also useful to transfer the dogs in a car or during a pet show. The important point to remember while dog crate training is to ensure that your pet does not consider as a punishment.