Leo and Libra dogs horoscope

The Leo zodiac sign governs the dogs which have the birth date falling between July 22 and August 21. The term which best describes a Leo Dog is the ‘monarch dog’. It regards itself superior as compared to the other dogs and expects a special kind of treatment.

The Leo dog has other important traits of being confident, fearless and proud. Besides, as far as physical characteristics are concerned, it has a very well-proportioned body and has amazing physical features. When it comes to interaction with humans, the Leo Dog is not so great at it. Since the dog is quite brave hence it would make a good police dog and perform all the jobs effectively. There is one strange quality of a Leo Dog that it is often very afraid of cats. This can be a very charming dog if well trained and taken care off. In fact, the amazing characteristic of the dog is that it loves being the centre of attention. Another important quality about the Leo dog is that it has a lot of faith in the humanity and thus can make a great dog. You would love to have such a dog which can be as rewarding as this!

Libra dog-gentle and lazy one

If the birth date of your dog lies between September 24 and October 23, then you own a Libra dog. A Libra dog has some of the most important traits such as being elegant, charming, playful and gentle. The dog is also best known as a ‘shop steward’ and known for its great temperament. It favourite pastime is to eat a lot and seek a lot of attention.

So give it great food and see how it gulps it down the throat. In fact, they make very loyal pets and perform tasks so that the owner is pleased and rewards them as well. These are quite social both with humans and other dogs. However these suffer some very common issues such as lower back problems and care must be taken to ensure that they do not get too overweight.

They do not like being scolded or ignored. These can be quite lazy at times and thus you would have to be gentle with them to get them on duty. To get tasks out of them can be really tough as they are known for less obedience. These are however really faithful and have sweet nature. They are playful and you would tend to enjoy their company. More information can be found here