Four simple steps for dog crate training

Dog crates can be used for multiple purposes with the most popular uses being within the homes. However, the crates are also useful to transfer the dogs in a car or during a pet show. The important point to remember while dog crate training is to ensure that your pet does not consider as a punishment.

• Basic crate training: Dog crate training is important and should be a part of the overall training process. Although many people consider a crate cruel, it can be advantageous to you and your pet when used rightly without abuse. Some dogs may fancy the crate immediately while some may be cautious of the strange object. While teaching your dog to step in to the crate ensures that, you never force the dog.

• Introducing the crate to your dog: The first step is to familiarize your dog with the crate. Take a favorite toy or a treat and give it to the dog near the crate to make him/her used to the crate being a part of the room. For several days continue playing with your dog near the crate. Keep the crate in a location that is less crowded but in a room that is frequently used by the family.

• Getting your dog to enter the crate: The next step is to make your dog enter the crate and one way to achieve this is to bribe your pet with a treat or a toy. Often, the dog will only stick in the head and backs out immediately. Another important point in dog training is to pet and praise the dog to make him feel good. You must continue this each day slowly pushing the toy a little further away.

• Keeping the dog inside the crate: Encourage your dog to spend more time inside the crate. You may shut the door but do not latch it. Eventually, your dog will consider the crate an area where he can sleep or retreat.