Status of dogs in the family

It is well known that our dogs, like their ancestors - the wolves, are gregarious animals and they can hardly survive alone. The street dogs are collecting in packs. But how do you find a pack for domestic dogs - because not everyone has 4-5 dogs at home. For the domestic dog the members of her human family will become the members of her pack.

So, what to do to make a flock of the family not so flawed in terms of dogs biology ? The problems in social behavior can be removed if you will act on several directions in the same time. Try to keep your dog alone as little time, as possible, in her presence try to hold you negative emotions and impulses even if you are tired or annoyed by something, it is no need to splash out a whole ocean of your feelings on the animal's head, your dog will take them all very personal. Make sure that you expand the circle of social contacts through the interaction with some other dogs, enter some suitable pet stroller pack, which would be interesting and nice for your dog, even if some of the other owners are not so interesting to you. Form the social role of the dog and keep it as far as possible by giving your dog a chance to act independently (of course, in some familiar situation and with the healthy limitations), make her busy, find for your dog something useful to do. Try to satisfy the need in the game for a puppy, get him loads of different dog toys. Let your dog's exploratory behavior out walking on different routes, taking your dog to a different places.

As soon as the family to a certain extent is a pack for the dog, you should think about your dog status - what it should be in this pack. You absolutely can not let the solution of this problem to a chance: nothing is so bad for the dog, as when her status is not clear to her. The dog will still seek for some clearness, and sooner or later she will win herself a seat, but where it will be? ... The owner may find himself in a very uncomfortable position, because his pet have chosen himself a role, in which he became simply unmanageable.

Original perception of the owner by a puppy as a parent and a breadwinner may change as the dog grows older. It is quite natural, because in the pack, as it was already mentioned, the dominant dog is not necessarily the father of the younger dogs. In the human family, the young dog may very well elect as his leader not the nominal "official" owner, but another family member, who is more worthy from his point of view.

Let us see what social roles are possible in principle in creating a flexible hierarchical system and what features of the relationship are developing between the dog and the owner. Emphasize that these social roles relate only to the males, females are a fundamentally different situation.