Beagle Temperament

The Beagle breed of dogs appears similar to the mini Foxhound, and is strong and robust hounds. The body is shaped like a square with long skull and brown eyes. The height of the Beagle is between thirteen to fifteen point seven inches. The average weight of a Beagle hound ranges between thirty-three and forty-four pounds.

The Beagle dogs require plenty of exercise because these animals are very agile and energetic. In addition, owners must take their dogs out for a daily walk to let the animals release their excess energy. Moreover, this breed of dog may not be suitable for owners who live in apartments, as the dogs require sufficient yard space to go about frolicking. While walking these dogs, it is important to leash the dogs because this breed is known for departing away in search of wild amusement.

This type of a dog breed is known for its gentleness and is able to trace a trail with their high scenting capabilities. The dogs are bred to become independent hunters; however, the dogs are compatible with other breeds without many problems. Nonetheless, the Beagle is not compatible with the smaller animals like the cats, which are easy prey for these dogs.

This breed of dogs is extremely lively and devoted to their masters. However, owners need to focus on extra training to ensure that they become well mannered. The animals belonging to this breed require plenty of social interaction and do not like to remain alone for very long periods. Moreover, the Beagles are bubbly animals with sharp instincts and a readiness to learn new activities. The dogs are adaptable to their environments with ease. The Beagle temperament is good with a mild and is a very gentle animal.

First time dog owners are recommended to procure a Beagle. However, some of these dogs can become stubborn, which makes their training difficult and cumbersome. Nonetheless, the Beagle is a gentle breed, which with sufficient attention, exercise, and training makes it an appropriate companion for its owner. The Beagle is an excellent dog for the family because these dogs enjoy plenty of company. The dogs are very friendly and love all individuals including small children.