Aries and Aquarius dogs

Aries dog - the brave one!

Aries and AquariusIf the date of birth of your dog falls between 21 March and 20 April, then the zodiac sign of your dog is Aries. The best quality of an Aries dog is that it has leadership qualities. You would definitely love to keep them as pets as they are quite energetic.

Besides, they also feature the important traits of being brave and impulsive. Leadership quality is accompanied with a tendency to dominate as well. So while picking your dog, you need to make sure that you would be comfortable!

To get the best out of your Aries dog, you can give it proper training. Aries dog possess both good and bad traits since at a time they might enter into a fight while at other times they are social. These are quite friendly and provide a lot of protection as well. Some of the most important and good characteristics of Aries dogs are that these are quite honest and courageous. Besides, these dogs are also subject to accidents quite frequently and may also face headaches. Besides, these dogs also require plenty of space. They are of great interest and would form interesting companions.

Aquarius dogs

The Aquarius dogs horoscope are more human than a canine. This dog is very emphatic and easily understands the feeling of his owner. And so if the owner is down, an Aquarian dog will silently lie down on his feet while in happy time, the dog feels free to enjoy and does not hesitate to jump.

An Aquarius dog is very intelligent and easily learns what his master teaches him. Such a dog loves to play and swim in water. This dog is also protective and helps you and your children out of harm’s way. These dogs have a quirky personality making them good for circus and other fields related to entertainment.

Aquarius dogs are fearless, great eaters, independent, good athletes and very courageous by nature. These dogs are friendly, thoughtful, curious and social and on the other hand these dogs are also independent, stubborn and unpredictable. Such a dog loves exploring and experimenting with the things around him. The Aquarius dogs horoscope love humans but do not like other animal in the house but once they adapt to the changes, they enjoy living in group. However the Aquarius dogs are prone to stomach problems and therefore should be fed only with healthy diet.