Dog Sign Horoscope and Gemini Dog

Dog sign horoscope seems to be pretty unusual thing for the first time listeners. Well for them every dog has different personality just like humans do. People say that human get there personality from their zodiac signs and that’s how we tell about the nature of a specific person. Most of the time it’s really true this helps us to be prepared for what kind of person we are up for. Same things go for the dogs. Some love, some are aggressive, some are even lazy some even behave in a weird way and so we are unable to know what the problem is anyway. The dogs also have zodiac sing so it’s not a big problem for the people to first read their horoscope and then take decision wisely that which type of dog suits them.

Dog sign horoscope can also help us in comparing all the nature of the dogs against one and other so that we can easily chose what type of dog we want for example some people might prefer a dog who is a kind of a home lover or a different dog breeds that likes swimming in pool with them so a dog with cancer as a zodiac sign will suit them best.

Gemini Dogs


Trains, Planes and Doggie Carriers:

Have you seen any doggie running around you like a planet? It must be a Gemini pup. Gemini pup are the most adaptable pup you can have. They just love life all the way they are best suited to the phrase “on the go”. They are the most cheerful and energetic pup. They love travelling weather in train, bus, airplane or anything. When on travel with their loved ones, they forgot almost every thing. They can live in any conditions even in garbage dump. No matter what the circumstances, they are always friendly and energetic and always on the move. They do not like anything more than to be in perpetual motion. They want to wander place to place; exploring world around them is what they love.

I think, Therefore I Am Dog:

Gemini dogs can never bore you off. They love to play with you. All they wish is to talk with you every moment. They are always on to exciting schemes and tricks to surprise you. They love to give surprises. All these dogs live is for fun and games. Gemini dogs can be bored easily coz they always have new things in their minds so they easily lose their focus. They can perform multiple tasks at a time. Even if they could hold a pen, they probably would have written an entire novel. They love to hear stories at bed time and love to hear music.