Lego Bionicle introduces the mighty Toa and Turaga

You need to know more about Lego Bionicle and the vast amounts of information available to bring you up to date and inform you all about the Lego Bionicle characters and their adventures.

Six masked heroes of Lego Bionicle defend their planet, Mata Nui and all its Matoran inhabitants from the invading Bohrak swarms and Rahi forces. These mighty warriors are Lewa,Tao of air; Tahu,Tao of fire; Gali,Tao of water; Onua,Tao of earth; Pohatu,Tao of stone, and Kopaka,Tao of ice.

These are the Lego Bionicle players. The Elders of Mata Nui, the Turaga, are Onewa, the "referee",equipped with a mighty stone hammer; Whenua, equipped with his drill of Onua; Nokamo, who is female and has practical logic as well as an enormous fork-shaped staff; Matau, silent and calm with his Kau Kau staff; Vakama, fierce with his fire staff; and Nuju, the telepathic, who wields his massive ice pick.

Lego Bionicles include mysterious insect-like Bohrok creatures and smaller Bohrok Va "workers" that invade Mata Nui. Their leaders are Pahrak, the stone crusher; Lehvak, whose secret weapon is deadly acid; Nulivok, the tunneler; Tahnok who melts with fire; Gahlok who moves water; and Kohrak, who freezes everything.

If yo ur youngsters are over seven years old they'll love you forever for introducung them to this wonderful Lego Bionicle fantasy series and the incredible history involved.