Lego Alpha Team

Lego Alpha Team ...Deep Sea Adventures

So you like underwater adventures - do you know about Lego Alpha Team? Well Lego Alpha Team's Mission Deep Sea Series has an abundance of exciting characters to keep you endlessly entertained.

It's the same old story, good guys vs bad guys and Lego Alpha Team Deep Sea underwater series introduces the evil Ogel and his band of Mutant Sea Creatures and Skeleton Drones who are forever trying to escape capture or worse by the Lego Apha Team agents Radia and Crunch and their executive leader Flex.

Ogel has some very special help from a Mutant Killer Whale Vehicle with awesome abilities such as fierce jaws, grasping claw arms and a powerful torpedo tube launcher. Lego Alpha Team agents defend their Deep Sea Underwater Base with Sub-surface Scooters and a Command Patrol Sub/mimi-sub that can outmaneuver Ogel's dangerous Skeleton Drone attackers.
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Lego Alpha Team ...Rescue Agents

Lego Alpha Team characters, man your stations! You can have some great fun manning the Lego Alpha Team vehicles as they fight off the evil Ogel who is attempting to take over the world with his mind controlling orbs.

There is a secret base hidden deep inside a volcano from where the evil Ogel reaches out to conquer the unsuspecting world population. Ogel is defied by the Lego Alpha Team members and their special squad of specialized vehicles that attack Ogel's Control Tower with their jet engine Cruisers that have moving satellites; and specially equipped helicopters with actual rotating propeller shafts.

The Ogel forces are equipped with deadly rocket launchers that fire from his fortified Control Tower and Ogel's fighters have valuable Mini-Flyers and Command Striker propultion skids to guard the skies around the volcano hideaway with the Lego Alpha Team.
The challenge is on. Can you guide the Lego Alpha Team to overcome this great r
ogue and defeat his plan to take over the whole world?
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