How to escape from the heat

Summer - is not only a joy, and leave a good mood, but the endless weeks of endless siesta, when nothing is like, going nowhere in the head knocking only one word "Hotness!". Every summer it comes suddenly and lasts indefinitely. To learn how to escape from this scourge?


In the summer season aside things away from synthetics, even if the percentage of artificial tissues in less than half of them. In hot weather wear only full-scale cotton products, they absorb moisture, pass the air and quickly dry. Also prefers clothing made of linen and viscose. Choosing the style of clothes, forget about the tight stuff. Even if a tight shirt or dress, semi-transparent, they will not save you from the summer heat. On hot days, better to put free stuff - loose trousers, long skirts. These things will not stick to the body, and when moving and walking, they will fluctuate, creating a pleasant sensation of coolness. Avoid clothes with sequins, rhinestones and other embellishments. They attract the sun's rays, heat and so bring you a lot of trouble. Prefer bright tones. As for shoes, it is important that it squeezed the leg, as in the heat swollen legs.

Lovers of long hair in the heat better than collecting them in the tail, and it's time for brunettes Blondes in disguise, because dark hair attract sunlight. But if the change of image is not included in your plans, feel free to buy a wide-brimmed hat or cap - they will protect you from sun and heat stroke. In a little better to abandon the use of cosmetics, and make a habit of always carry a packet of moisturizing wipes. They not only refresh the face, but also removes dust, clean shine.

Around water

- Water is the main weapon of humanity against the heat. If the hot days you are in an apartment, be sure to rank them everywhere small containers filled with water - it can be transparent bowls, jugs and gift designer vase. It is important that in the flat all the time water is evaporated, then the air is soft and fresh. For beauty you can add to the bottom of the tanks brought in last year seashells or colored stones. For office suits fishbowl with goldfish. Just do not forget to change the water in it, otherwise, instead of cool aquarium will dissolve an unpleasant odor.

On hot days at the earliest opportunity, take a warm, but not a cold shower. Ice water was cool the body and because of the temperature difference can easily catch cold. The usual air conditioner replace humidifier or fan of a special tube that sprays water. It is cheaper and much safer for your health. If you are going for a walk, look for parks with fountains, springs, lakes or ponds. Scientists have proved that in the heat very close to finding a body of water brings relief and a person feels much easier.


Drink in the heat should be as much as the body requires. And if you already drank all the mineral water that has been in the fridge, and drink still want to boldly go to the store for more. Remember the best way to heat - a warm green tea without sugar. It tones and contains caffeine, which embolden tiredness and give you strength. Also good quench thirst fruit compotes, fruit drinks, lemonade and jelly. You can not say about sweet drinks, beer and any alcohol-containing drinks and cocktails.

In hot weather, all drinks are better to drink through a straw, in small sips. Since the liquid will cool the entire body, and you do not want to drink in 15 minutes. Do not give up hot tea, it is really good thirst quencher. There is another popular board - to start sleeping during the day and stay awake at night. But it is only suitable for young, single workers nightlife. If you do not belong to him - more or drink less and move more often see the weather forecast, the rain is not far off.