periodontiumPeriodontal disease is the gum which disease develops in the presence of hormonal disorders, diabetes, atherosclerosis, impaired hormone metabolism, chronic diseases of the internal organs and is characteristic in the old age. Important role played by heredity. Periodontal disease may be caused by gingivitis and periodontitis. This disease occurs as a result of insufficient blood supply to the periodontal tissues, which leads to their atrophy.

Periodontal disease symptoms are the neck of tooth exposure combined the root of tooth exposure, though there is no redness, loosening of teeth, festering divisions, no gum pockets. The first signs for a dentist to make the diagnosis are itching in the gums and the increased sensitivity of the necks of the teeth. Periodontal disease is characterized by the increased sensitivity of the teeth on the thermal and chemical stimuli, which brings considerable inconvenience. Shakiness of the teeth and their loss become evident with the neglection of the disease. If the treatment of the disease does not begin immediately, it leads to the loss of teeth. But even after the loss of a tooth, the gum disease prevents normal dental prosthetics.

First of all, the treatment of periodontitis involves identifying the causes of the disease. At this stage it is important to consult an endocrinologist, an internist and the allied health professions, as the most often the cause of periodontal disease is a systemic disease. If started at the proper time, the treatment of periodontal disease can save you from premature tooth loss. Treatment is prescribed to stabilize the disease process.

Dental treatment is aimed at preventing the development of the pathological process and the preservation of the teeth. Periodontal disease treatment methods include the removal of tartar, caries, gum massage improving the blood supply, the use of special gels and toothpastes. Drug and immunostimulatory, vitamin therapy is to be used simultaneously.

Periodontal can also be controlled by dietary measures. Keeping to a healthy diet and the reduction of sweets consumption, as well as the refusal to smoke will facilitate regenerating processes in the periodontium.

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