Love compatibility analysis using numerology

Numerology is said to be as old as the creation of numbers itself. Numerology is the study of numbers to predict trends in life to come it was used by some of the great mathematicians in the olden times but now it is called pseudo mathematics. Still there are many people that believe in power of number.

Love compatibility analysis using numerology is one of such applications that people use to calculate how successful their relation would be. The calculations of love compatibility are and not as complex as the interpretation.

To conduct love compatibility analysis using numerology you must your soul mate’s heart desire number which can be cal calculated by adding all the vowels in his/her name. You must also calculate destiny number of your partner and his/her birth date number. One very important thing is that all these number with exception of 11 and 22 should be converted to single number for example is the result is 16 add 1+6=7.

Using these number the love compatibility is analyzed however combinations of different numbers reveal different sort of relationships and can be predicted by a professional numerologists however several website also provide love compatibility analysis using numerology but you can always doubt the results.

Love compatibility analysis using numerology can predict that life you will spend in day to come and the type relationship you are likely to share with your partner. The outcomes may or may not be true, still the this field of mathematics remains a controversial one not all agree that numbers can really effect your life patterns and the way you spend your life but still acceptance of numerology is world wide. Several websites have sprung up providing free numerology test helping you to select name of your child, pets and color of your dresses and cars.