Celebrity Numerology Lady Gaga - A Creative Genius

The science of numbers, also known as numerology, is a very old system, which is able to uncover the secrets of self very accurately. To do such a great feat you'll just need to analyze the digits of your date of birth. I've been studying numbers for more than seven years, and now I am convinced that the numbers cannot lie, but everybody should decide it for himself. According to Pythagoras, "Everything lies veiled in numbers".

Gaga has often been compared to another pop diva Madonna, and though both of them are expressive and creative, they differ a lot too. Many people know that at the beginning Madonna wasn't a superstar with her talent and her success was scored due to luck and guts. Madge's birth chart has double 8's, which gives her the so-called "dare-devil" syndrome. The energy of 8 is confident, assertive and bold. People with double 8 try everything only once and live their lives for the thrill of it all.

While Ms. Gaga also has double 8's in her birth date, it appears to be she's even gutsier than Madonna, and her platform differs a lot.  Her image is not as extemporaneous as it may seem to be. It is created carefully and orchestrated perfectly due to her mental faculties. Some might think she's mad but there is a reason why she behaves like this. Her life is based on the Survivor principle: Outwit, outplay, outlast.
Let's look further into Lady Gaga numerology birth date (which 3-28-1986) and define her numbers:
Physical Plane: 1
Soul Plane: 2, 88
Mental Plane: 3,6,9
With the latter Mental Plane numbers everything somehow important for Gaga will be noticed by her. Numbers 3, 6 and 9 altogether create the so-called Arrow of the Intellect. Everyone, who has such a combination of Mental plane numbers, can't stop assessing and analyzing everything because of his powerful computer-like brain. That's why in any competition Lady Gaga will always be one step ahead.

Besides that, the Arrow of Inspiration of Ms. Gaga consists of the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Such a combination means her life has a "big dreamer" scenario that inspires her to generate endless plans and ideas. This combination with powerful components of the Arrow of the Intellect makes Ms. Gaga a truly creative genius.

And finally, if we sum up all the digits of Lady Gaga's birth date we will get 10, and this number is her main essence.  Her creative 1 energy is amplified by zero. Numerology Number 1 characterizes person as creative, inventive and expressive. Zero means inborn spiritual awareness and its presence highlights any other digit in Path Life number. It should be better apprehended like a symbol, not a number. Thus, Lady Gaga's creativity is supported by the spiritual symbolism, which is natural, as true creative genius cannot exist without soul. Those people, who have 1 as a dominant number, should express themselves creatively, as they have an unrelenting and unbridled inner driving force. But boldness and creativity will be not enough for lasting success, you should also have your brains matching the brawn, and this is where Ms. Gaga does justice to herself.