The Rise of Birthdays

woman, candlesIs it your birthday? Do you know someone that is going to celebrate a birthday soon? Is a friend, family, or colleague turning yet another year older this week? It seems like nowadays somebody is always celebrating their birthdays. But, there's always been the same amount of birthday's, right? Well, it turns out that, in-fact, the last three years has seen a huge rise in the amount of birthday celebrations in the United States. Yup, that's right, people are partying more for their birthdays now than ever!

But, how could this be? It turns out that millennials are much more likely to celebrate their own birthdays than other generations. People are more likely to host a party for themselves or for a friend than years prior. It's something that we continue to see more and more, because people are more open to it. Birthday have been around for centuries, they have been around since the beginning of time! So, if you feel like nowadays there is always a tray of cupcakes for a co-worker or a dinner party for your cousin's birthday you aren't mistaken. Birthday parties, celebrations, and special occasions are growing more than ever. People live very stressed out lifestyles these days, so it's understandable why they also like to let loose and relax sometimes. That's likely one of the many reasons people are celebrating so much these days. Life is hard, you've got to have fun too. Birthday parties are on the rise, so get out there and have fun!

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