Your iPhone deserves a Star!

iphone, caseYour iPhone is a real star among all other mobile phones. So how can you afford to carry your great gadget in an ordinary case? Marty Flint has designed a stylish case which truly matches the glory of this extraordinary device. The Super Stylin' is a leather case, with a metallic star design. I know that you may be avoiding leather cases, such as the Piel Frama Leather Case, because of their plain looks and simple designs, but I can bet that this case will catch your attention.

There is a silver star, which is made of a metallic ink and placed inside a circle, located at the centre of the case. The pattern of the silver star looks amazing on the black leather, revealing black stitching on the edges. You must have noticed that many cases have a beautiful design on the front but are normally plain on the back. Fortunately, this slip case has the same pattern on the back as well. You can dress up your pink Apple iPhone in a double star attire to flaunt its stardom.

With the smoothness of the leather, and the stunning design, Super Stylin' is perfect for shielding the precious beauty of your iPhone. The eye-catching looks, soft and protective material of the case are perfect to make it unique. You cannot afford to miss this case if you have a taste for classy accessories.