Hibbett Sports

web, design, siteIf you were a happening, "plugged-in" web designer who stumbled upon the front page of Hibbett.com, you would probably think to yourself, "Eh. Another site using tables to position all of its graphics heavy, inaccessible content. They're going to get nada as far as search-engine placement goes. Oh well, they should've put some text up there. Like maybe a corporate blog updated hourly by the CEO, President, Vice-President and company board members. But, nobody ever listens to me. Or hires me. Or really talks to me for that matter. Oh well, time to look through my 1,000 site long blogroll. Wait a minute. What!?! Stopdesign's using fixed width again? Are you kidding?! Oh, man, am I going to give Bowman a piece of my mind. What an idiot."

But, dear web designer, you would be wrong. You see, the front page of Hibbett.com is actually two lists ... and nothing else. There's not a single image tag on the whole page. With styles turned on or off, it's totally accessible, and with them on it's extremely easy on the eyes. If you venture deeper you'll see that the site centers around a liquid design that utilizes an expandable div with a background image, much like Snowdonia Windows does. It also validates as both XHTML and CSS. One of the only problems that I see is the pop-up windows that accompany the products; with Javascript off you get nothing. This would be annoying if you were to come to the site thinking you could actually, you know, purchase something.