Google + new features

google plus iconWith Facebook getting popular every day, the internet giant Google is doing everything it can to boost up its statistics. Google has launched various social media applications such as Orkut, Buzz, Wave but all of these have gone in vain. They did not reach the audience and could not break the shackles created by Facebook. The latest attempt by Google to excel in the social marketing industry is the Google+. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is a social media platform where you can connect with your friends and family. You can share photos, videos etc and chat with your friends. Keeping in mind the tough competition from the counterparts, Google is launching many new features that are attracting the users. In the latest update, the social media from Google has many new features that the users can use.

Google has also launched many new features in Android OS, iOS apps, hangouts in Google etc. Hence all the users can make use of the features and enjoy the experience. In the android apps, the users are now given the provision for editing the profiles from the app itself. The streamlined functionalities have also enabled the users to publish new content as and when needed. Google + has finally accepted that notifications of friends posting updates should be displayed similar to Facebook and Twitter. The search engine giant was reluctant for these many days on incorporating the notification feature that is now enabled. If users wish to receive the content of other users from the circles, then you can subscribe to those posts. Google + will also have communities feature which is the same as Facebook Groups. This will enable the Google+ users to hang out with other users who have similar interests.

One drawback that is introduced in the recent update is the restriction of unlimited storage. Now, you cannot store photos always because the free version of using cloud storage is now restricted to 5GB but the individual memory restriction is removed. The photo sphere option is now enabled in Google + as well and hence you can take photos and create panoramic view which can be uploaded as cover photos. Apart from the above, the other features that are added are including emoticons in the Android app and support for GIFs. It is now clear that Google is trying to come closer to Facebook by all means.