What can spoil Christmas for Apple?

According to the latest rumors, the manufacturer of Apple, Foxconn, is going to ship iPad, its latest version in the course of 100 days, as DigiTimes informs. If this is so then the next version will be launched in spring only. Actually, this is reasonable taking into account that last iPad had its debut last year in spring.

But this news is not very good for Apple, who will earn less during the Christmas sales, time when technical gadgets are sold so well. Apple iPad was among the leaders in the technical devices selection. If Christmas selling spree is spoiled by this news, then there will be fewer purchases.

Customers will prefer to postpone the purchase in this case, especially, if they were going to acquire it as a holiday present. The plans were so promising! Retrevo website survey revealed that one thousand of customers were going to buy Apple iPad that made the device the most asked-for gadget.

New iPad will be a little upgraded. It will be thinner in size and it will feature cameras for video chat, front facing one and backfacing. It will also have a USB port and probably Retina display. This feature is rather attractive and will add iPad the significance of the entertainment gadget.

Video chat is especially cool. But will new features make the customer buy iPad 2? People are crazy about new things so they will. Besides, presenting an iPad is just like presenting something outdated already. Customers are in the state of expectation because Apple promised to reduce prices of old models. For instance, iPhone 3GS was reduced to $99.

But this rumor is definitely untimely for Apple. For this company it is like Grinch who stole Christmas.