Car racing

carCar racing is a motorsport that involves the racing of cars for competition. Car racing is otherwise termed as auto racing or automobile racing. The racing of car began only after the development of first successful gasoline-fueled automobiles. In these racings, the winners are judged based on their speed, safety and handling characteristics, etc. The Parisian artist Ernest Montaut and his wife documented the rapidly changing face of motorized transportation. They designed numerous posters and prints that covered racing events involving motorcars, dirigibles, speedboats and aircraft. These arts formed a valuable treasure to the history of transport in the racing aspect.

City-to-City racing is defined as the major international races commonly from a major city connecting with another major city. Brook lands in England, was the first motor racing venue purposely. It is made of 4.43 km concrete track with high speed banked corners. Formula one is the well-known kind of single-seater racing that involves an annual world championship for drivers and constructors. In the single seater car, the wheels are not covered. These cars have aerofoil wings in front and rear to improve adhesion to the track. The racing is arranged to follow an international format, a regional format and domestic format.

In general, single seater racing is not restricted only to professional drivers. There are numerous people in all over the world, who want to race against single sweaters. Kart racing is another type of single seater racing. Kart racing usually involves a small, low cost machine on small tracks. Most top drivers started their careers in karts only. Students of any college or universities may also participate in single seater racing. These racings may involve designing and building a single seater car in a multi-disciplinary team and racing the built car at the competition. These racing also promote other soft skills such as teamwork while designing and motorsport.

In sports car racing, the purpose is to build sports prototype cars compete with the respective classes on closed circuits. These sports cars are otherwise termed as grand tourers. This type of racing is preferred for over long distances. These cars are driven by teams of drivers switching every few hours Cars race on closed public roads run on a point-to-point format where co-drivers rally to a set of points leaving in regular intervals. These races are based on the lowest total elapsed time over the special stages including penalties. In the car racing, flags are displayed to indicate the status of the track and to communicate the instructions to competitors.