Women in Business: Tricks of The Weaker Sex - continued

A women’s care to detail and listening skills help to determine the motivation of the opponent, which is so easy to influence, using the innate emotional and verbal intelligence.

The ability to externalize the emotions in words, play your voice to help women to speak clearly and vividly, and presentations and performances of some the fairer sex are capable of even a corpse to awaken the desire to buy goods.

Women are more sensitive to changes in intonation and facial expression interlocutor, and it helps to quickly pick up changes in his mood and the flexibility to change their behavior. As men, many of these qualities are not included in the required set of gentlemen, in the field of communication, women virtuoso bypass men and win.

Despite the great advantage of men in the strategic thinking, women compensate for the fact that more practical, which allows them to get guaranteed results “here and now.”

And how clever use of women that men are more likely respond to courtship and sexual allusions! A greater resistance to stress than men, enabling women even in the most difficult situations to show all facets of his acting talent, quickly switching from one role to another.

And what surroundings and costumes pick up women for their outputs on the stage!