7 Things that you should know about the Secret Power of Number 9

Sometimes qualities and quantities are expressed by numbers.

Now in our non-believing society it is hard to prove that numerology gives true information in its reports. But different indicators in thorough numerology charts that reflect various situations in our lives and considering years of real observations don’t give you any reason to doubt. Remember the ideas that include methods of verification and balances in such sciences as handwriting analysis and astrology and you get a proof of your trust in your conclusions.

Considering the experience that was collected for ages, it is amazing to notice that a character of a person, his most remarkable events and timing trends are depicted by symbolisms of numbers.

In the following we give you the reasons why number 9 is considered to be unique.

1. This number is one of the most extraordinary numbers that are also unexpected. The same is with numbers 7, 11, 22, 33. Due to their energy usually things go the other way, not like they are supposed to be. Sometimes it happens that problems just show up out of nowhere and everything goes wrong, not like you planned.

2. The only thing that you can expect from number 9 is the termination. Despite the fact that with number 7 you can go higher the circumstances and step aside from the hardships. You can not avoid the conclusions symbolized by number 9. You are not able to do anything when it is all finished. Number 9 energy reminds it to us painfully. And unfortunately it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can not change destiny.

3. People with strong energy of number 9 have a trait of leadership. But leaders should have strong beliefs to be leaders, which you can not say about people with number nine who always have covered indecision. These people are good in speeches until their uncertainty and vagueness begins to show up. It can make a catastrophe especially to those that have head positions.

4. The same happens when it comes to honesty and adherence to moral principles. A problem is that they have their own way of seeing things in life. Sometimes they act so incomprehensible that even breaking a law doesn’t appear wrong to them as long as they stay compassionate and comprehend that the humanity is safe. Their intentions and heart connection is more important for them that their current behavior.

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